4 Signs That You Need a Root Canal

Do you know, more than 15 million root canals are performed in the US annually?

So, if you are having really bad oral health days, and you can’t exactly contemplate what’s bothering you. If you have these symptoms mentioned below, you are a candidate for root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is performed to repair severely damaged or decayed teeth. In this treatment, the pulp of the tooth is extracted and the tooth interior gets a cleaning treatment before sealing it.

Symptoms of root canal infection

What are the symptoms to indicate that you need root canal therapy in the near future? Your dentists can tell you the best. However, if you are facing these signs, there is a big probability that the treatment you should seek is a root canal.

Painful experiences

Life is sometimes tough, especially when your dental health is in worse condition. If you are experiencing continuous pain, you are in dire need of root canal therapy. There can be many causes of this pain, such as:

  • A cavity,
  • Damaged filling,
  • Gum infection,
  • Wisdom tooth problem,
  • Or issues related to other parts of the body.

Sensitive gums

They hurt more than a breakup! Yes, sensitive teeth are the worst oral health condition. There is a certain burning feeling in the mouth from eating hot or cold food. This is a big sign that you need root canal therapy asap!

Swollen gums

Dead pulp tissues of your tooth can cause excessive swelling. Or there are chances of gum boil (you got a pimple on the gum).

These things can lead to severe damages to oral health. It is wise to consult your dentist in Dallas immediately and get it treated.

Cracked or chipped tooth

Besides tooth decay, cracked or chipped teeth can also cause severe tooth pain.  Sometimes, the injury is visible. But, if you feel persistent pain without chipping or cracking your tooth, this is an alarming sign as well.

Why do you need a root canal?

Infection can have a detrimental effect on your oral health. So, it is better to treat them asap if any of these above signs start occurring.

What to do if you notice any of these symptoms?

After assessing your oral health condition, you ought to take care of it better than ever. The best thing to cure these infections is to seek dental care from a root canal specialist in Dallas.

If by any chance, you can’t visit your dentist at the moment. These steps will minimize the symptoms for a few hours.

For swelling gums

Apply an ice pack on the swollen area. For internal treatment, rinse your mouth with warm saline water.

For severe pain

Above mentioned remedies are also helpful in such conditions. However, if the pain is severe. Call your dentist to prescribe a medicine or take a painkiller. Also, applying fluoride toothpaste in the region would also help loads.

The long-term solution for these painful signs is root canal therapy. You can get the best treatment at Smile Bar Dallas from professional dentists. Call us to book your appointment now!

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