Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Bridges

No one likes to chew food with a missing tooth. Some of them decide to get a dental bridge. It not only helps in a better chewing experience but also enhances confidence. If you are also planning to get a dental bridge, here are the advantages and disadvantages which might help you decide better.

Advantages of dental bridges

There are several advantages that have made the dental bridge a common term amongst everyone.

Effective tooth replacement

Dental bridges are more often than not used for missing teeth. You can also use a dental bridge post dental implants. Hence, it is known as one of the most effective ways to replace a damaged tooth. Or fill the gap between two natural teeth!

Helps to function properly

There are times when a patient with a missing tooth complains about the inability to function properly i.e. eat, bite or chew. Dental bridges help with exactly that! It helps in normal routine functioning by filling the vacant space in the mouth.

Boost confidence

Life becomes a bit difficult without your front tooth. Not just chewing, but even interacting becomes tough which results in low self-esteem and confidence. Dental bridges fill the gap with a prosthetic tooth, which in return boosts your self-confidence.

Better oral condition

A missing tooth can cause a gradual shift in the position of other teeth. By adding a prosthetic tooth, the bind remains firm and the position of the tooth remains the same for years. This indicates that the oral health remains in better condition for years.

Durable and easy to maintain

Nothing comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, if you take proper dental care, and visit your dentist once every six months. Chances are that your dental bridge would last for years. See, what regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups can do for you.


Disadvantages of dental bridges

Everyone has two sides, good and bad. It is better if we know both pros and cons of dental bridges, as it gets easier to vote for it.

Open doors to infections

The success of the dental bridge procedure depends largely on the professionalism of the dentist. If the bridge is ill-fitted due to any reason, it might open doors to infections and decay. This risk can be eliminated if the dentist performs the task with complete care. You can get the best dental service in Dallas at our clinic.

Weak tooth

If your dental health is already in the worst condition – dental bridges might not help you. Instead, they will ruin their health. The abutment (prosthetic tooth) requires support from stronger teeth to maintain the position. When the neighbouring teeth are weak, the bridge would collapse. Therefore, it is better to consult with your professional dentist in Dallas to discuss the best move.


It is evident that dental bridges have more benefits than risks. However, if ignored, the risk could harm your oral health severely. Consulting with your dentist is the best option in such cases. So, you should get an appointment with the best dentist in Dallas now!

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