Benefits and Risks of Metal Crowns

Dental crowns act as a hat on the face of the tooth. With its own share of restorative and cosmetic benefits, dental crowns stood as one of the most important dental treatments. With the versatility it offers, it also possesses some downsides.

If your teeth are damaged or decayed, there are high chances that your dentist in Dallas will recommend you to get a dental crown. It is essential to be aware of the consequences of every treatment.

There are different types of dental crowns.

Metal crowns are usually made from gold, chromium, nickel, or platinum. We will describe their risks and benefits.

Benefits of Metal crowns


Metal crowns are biocompatible, which means that they don’t contain any toxic elements that tend to hurt any living species in any way. It’s a great material to use when all you need is sustainable earth at a particular moment.

Easy to fit:

Metal crowns are thin and easy to design. They are also known to be malleable, which also makes them easier to shape and sculpt.

Strong and durable:

Metal is arguably one of the most strong components in the world. Dental crowns that are made from metals are strong and extremely long-lasting. Unlike porcelain crowns, metal crowns never break or crack, or chip due to any pressure. This quality of metal crowns makes it a perfect fit for molars at the backside of the mouth.


Risks of Metal crown

Allergic reactions:

There is a probability that metal crowns seem perfect to you, yet you might not be able to use them. The reason would be metal allergies. Your dentist typically asks about allergic reactions before recommending the best treatment. Hence, there’s a strong possibility that dental crowns might not be suitable for you.

Beware of mercury:

None of the dental clinics inform their customers about the additional mercury used in metal crowns manufacturing. However, Smile Bar Dallas uses mercury on a very safe level, as per the guidance of officials. So, one thing should be made sure that the mercury is in moderation.

Formation of tooth decay:

If you don’t take dental care seriously, there are chances that tooth decay can get hold of your natural tooth. Brush and floss properly on a daily basis.  

Temporary side effects of metal crowns

Some of the side effects are temporary. If you face any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you have to be patient as these side effects are just temporary.

Sensitive tooth and gums:

If you feel extreme pain and tooth sensitivity on eating cold and hot food, this might be happening because of a dental crown. Ice packs will surely reduce the symptoms. 

Slight discomfort:

You might also feel slight discomfort and tender gums. But, it will get better with time.


Metal crowns are great for those people who don’t have allergic reactions to them. You can get metal crowns in Dallas fixed by the most professional dentists of the city, only at Smile Bar Dallas. Contact us now!

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