Deep Dental Cleaning

Are you one of those who have a sweet tooth? And now bacteria is building up around your teeth. And your doctor has recommended you get it treated before it starts to spoil your oral health wholly. What is the option left now? Deep dental cleaning!

Deep dental cleaning is not a surgical process but requires an anesthetic shot to prevent any discomfort.


When is deep dental cleaning needed?

Life is tough, and you have to maintain everything that is in good condition. When you eat excess sugar and fast food (and smoke cigarettes), bacteria start to surround your tooth to stay there.

Deep dental cleaning is a common practice to prevent bacteria from making your teeth their home.

The process of deep cleaning can be broken down into TWO primary steps.

  • Periodontal Scaling
  • Root Planing

Periodontal Scaling

Scaling is the process of removing tartar (old and hard plaque) and plaque around the gumline. Your dental hygienist will clean it all the way to the bottom of the teeth.

Root Planing

For further cleaning, your dentist performs root planing. In this treatment, your dentist will smoothen the rough areas and will help you get rid of subgingival bacteria around the tooth root.

Does deep dental cleaning hurt?

The process would never hurt you because of the anesthesia shot. The numbness might cause some discomfort.


Deep cleaning aftercare:

You will take a week to heal from the process. If you have sensitive teeth, you might also face some problems with hot and cold food, especially with extreme temperatures. Also, it is normal to have swollen and bleeding gums.

To minimize these aftereffects, it would be great to incorporate the below-mentioned activities into your daily routine.

  • Brush your teeth slowly and properly.
  • Floss daily to avoid debris buildup.
  • Use an ice pack for swelling, but not more than twice a day that too, for 10 minutes.
  • Take proper medications (if your dentist has prescribed any). This is an exceptional case as a deep dental cleaning process doesn’t cause much pain.
  • Last but not the least, rinse your mouth with lukewarm saline water. It will ease the discomfort and prevent bleeding.


How much does a deep dental cleaning cost?

A deep cleaning or an SRP is not just for cosmetic purposes, but to improve dental health. To get a deep dental cleaning treatment in Dallas, you might have to spend some $.

The process of SRP is complex but painless. It will prevent any bacterial invasion and also keep your smile bright and shiny. Dentists recommend this treatment because it doesn’t require the involvement of any prosthetic tooth or harmful chemicals. Better early than late, this treatment can really save your teeth from serious damage. Get your teeth deep cleaned from the best dentist at the one and only Smile Bar Dallas. Your satisfaction counts here!


To book an appointment for a deep dental cleaning in Dallas, you can contact us. Our dentists are equipped with the coolest dental tools and follow all Covid-19 precautions. Call us now!

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