Dental Crowns – Everything you need to know about them

If your teeth get damaged due to infection, or tooth decay and lose shape badly. Dental crowns come to the rescue! It is fascinating to see dental advancements, as dental crowns preserve the natural tooth and reshape it at the same time.


What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are prosthetic tooth caps and look almost like a natural tooth. It is made from different materials, such as metals, or porcelain, or the infusion of both components. The crown is placed on the top of the tooth to restore the natural shape, size, and even performance of the tooth.


Uses of dental crowns

Dental crowns are used for various purposes.

Protect and restore natural tooth:

If cavities get hold of natural teeth and try to eat them, we opt for a dental crown to put an end to it. It is used to protect natural teeth from getting weaker and breaking. Hence, it will be fair to state that dental crowns protect and restore damaged teeth. Dental crowns are also used to cover teeth that are misshapen or stained badly.


Supports natural tooth:

A weak tooth is more vulnerable to infections, and what a dental crown does is support natural teeth by covering them. This process helps to not expose weak teeth to different kinds of food and preserve them.


Covers a dental implant and root canal:

This might be the most widely used treatment to place dental crowns. Dental implants are titanium plates that are infused into the jawbone and covered by a dental crown. These two go together so well, that now dental crowns have become a permanent part of dental implants.

It is also used to cover root canal treated teeth.


Types of dental crowns:

The types of dental crowns are determined by the materials used in the manufacturing of the tooth.

Porcelain crown: They are the closest match for natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are visually appealing, hence, a great choice for front teeth. People with metal allergies prefer them too.

There is a type of porcelain crown known as pressed porcelain crowns or pressed ceramic crowns. These types of crowns have harder cores and contain no metal whatsoever. They are durable and visually aesthetic.

Metal crown

Metals were always a part of dental treatments in recorded history. They are strong and almost unbreakable, hence, they last longer than any other material. Gold, chromium, nickel, and palladium are widely used to manufacture dental crowns. They are not visually pleasing, therefore, it is better to use them on the backside of the mouth (unless you want to live a thug life).

Porcelain-infused metal crown

If you want to use metal crowns for the front teeth, you can go with this porcelain-infused metal crown. They are as visually appealing as a porcelain crown. However, people avoid it because the porcelain coated on the metal crown usually breaks off.

Resin crown

They are an extremely affordable type of dental crown. These crowns are made from resin and are more likely to break easily. Therefore, they are seldom used for long-term care.


If you are looking to get dental crowns in Dallas, it is wiser to consult with your dentist. Connect with your dentist in Dallas now!

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