Dental Emergency Checkup

Are you also one of those who consider every single thing “a dental emergency?” This article is for you!

There is a thin line between saving and losing teeth. If treated timely we can save natural teeth, if you are on the verge of losing teeth. However, that doesn’t mean that every single minor toothache is considered a dental emergency.

Therefore, we have described some of the situations which are legitimate dental emergencies and what you should do in such situations…

Difference between general and Dental emergency checkup:

Routine check-up consists of different types of preventive measures that work on a long-term basis. But a dental emergency is entirely opposite and different… it could be due to an accident or a fracture in the dental area and it can cause severe bleeding.

However, if you’re just feeling minor pain in your dental filling (or got your dental veneers chipped) we CANNOT consider it a dental emergency.

Knocked-out teeth:

Knocking out of a tooth is an alarming sign if it is of a permanent tooth. Therefore, there are certain things that you might have to perform after the incident.

  • Keep the spot moist most of the time.
  • If there is a space left, try to put it back in the socket… (this is optional and depends on the situation.)
  • Do not touch the root!
  • If the tooth is in proper condition, you can preserve it in a dental preservation box or in a jar filled with milk.
  • Head to your dentist in Dallas immediately!

Cracked tooth:

So, your child was playing cricket and got the tooth cracked… Well, it is normal to panic in such situations. Follow these steps then head to your dentist immediately!

  • Put a cold or hot compress on the swelling!
  • Rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the blood…
  • Now head to your dentist in Dallas!

Extreme toothache:

At times, dental pain could be the hardest thing to bear. But, if it is getting out of your hands and you consider it a dental emergency situation, then these are the steps that can help you combat the pain:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water and some mouthwash.
  • If it is due to tooth decay and your dentist has already prescribed some medications, take them, one at a time.
  • Use a dental toothpick or floss to get rid of any debris stuck in your mouth.
  • NEVER put an aspirin on the aching surface.

How to prevent dental emergencies:

These are painful situations. We can take precautions to avoid them as much as possible.

  1. Always wear a mouthguard while playing sports or taking part in any recreational activity.
  2. If you have tooth decay, avoid eating hard foods, and popcorns. (NEVER ever open the bottle with your mouth.)
  3. Your teeth are not scissors, so DON’T use it as one!

If anyhow, you failed in preventing the dental emergency, you can count us in. With just one phone call we can connect you with our most experienced dentist in Dallas.

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