How Safe is the Process of Dental Fillings?

Do you know that more than 30% of Americans have untreated dental problems? Yes, cavities are one of the problems that remain untreated for years. While they might not hurt immediately, it can have a severe impact on your oral health. Sometimes it also leads to tooth loss and severe toothache. A dental filling is an efficient method of restoring a natural tooth.

However, after COVID-19 arrived, safety has become a primary issue. Some people also have concerns over amalgam fillings, and they are asking the question “Is the dental filling procedure safe?” There are two aspects to this question. Let’s find an answer to it.


What happens when you decide to get a dental filling?

Once you decide to get a dental filling, your dentist completes the necessary protocol. This includes numbing the gums and drilling the decay. The treatment is performed with perfectly sanitized equipment. So, it is surely a secure treatment when it comes to sanitization. Therefore, we can conclude that Covid-19 wise, it is completely safe to visit your dentist while following the SOPs properly.


And what about the amalgam fillings? Are they safe?

Dental fillings have five different types of materials. From silver to composite material, it has a wide range of metals involved in the manufacturing of dental fillings. Generally, people consider amalgam to be a bit unsafe because of mercury and other metal components, but scientists and researchers have something positive to say.

So, what is an amalgam filling made from?

An amalgam filling is made from a mixture of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. The material composed of these metal components is strong, sturdy, and perfectly stable. 

After loads of research and experiments, professional dentists and FDA have declared that dental fillings and amalgam are completely safe. They are an effective way to treat tooth decay. It not only helps in preserving the natural tooth root but also prevents the bacteria from spreading.

Is amalgam filling safely for kids?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared amalgam filling safely for children above 6 years and adults.


Has anyone ever got exposed to the side effects of amalgam filling?

The American Dental Association has reported that less than 100 cases of amalgam reaction ever occurred, that too because of mercury allergy. Therefore, anyone who is allergic to mercury should consult their professional dentists about the alternative filling option.


Who should avoid amalgam filling?

It does not harm anyone, except for those who have a mercury allergy. So, if you have a mercury allergy, or you eat loads of seafood, or get exposed to mercury at work, consult with your dentist. Your dentist will provide an alternative filling for you, and advise the best for you. Otherwise, it is completely safe to get an amalgam filling for everyone.

There are different reports that have declared amalgam to be a safer option. However, if someone still has concerns over the safety, they can try other filling types. From composite to gold, dentists have a wide variety of dental fillings to offer. You can get a great dental treatment in Dallas. Connect to your dentist to get a consultation now! 

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