Everything About Fluoride Treatment

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you might be prone to cavities more than anyone else.

To be honest, getting a fluoride treatment is the best thing to do with your oral health… Fluoride is an ingredient that has been a fundamental part of our oral health care routine for years.

But, why fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps in the prevention of cavities.


Fluoride remineralizes (depositing minerals such as calcium, and phosphate) the tooth enamel, making it stronger… This builds an invisible shield on the tooth enamel to block cavities.

It is helpful because it balances out the process of demineralization (loss of minerals) with remineralization. Therefore, it has the capability to reverse early signs of cavities.

So, what is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a common ingredient. They are easily available in our daily life routine, some in the form of food while others in toothpastes. But, you cannot solely rely on these resources.

Fluoride treatment at the dentist is the best way to avoid any mishap, and get full benefits. Your dentist might suggest these three ways of fluoride treatments:

  1. Application of concentrated fluoride foam in a tray,
  2. Gel application with a swab,
  3. Fluoride varnish application on the enamel.

These toothpaste, varnishes, and foams have a high concentration of fluoride. So, we cannot consider the same as our household toothpaste.

Additional fluoride treatment:

Also, if you are more prone to cavities, then chances are, your dentist would prescribe some fluoride medicines too. These are the people who can get the full benefit from the additional fluoride medicines.

  • People with dry mouth condition which results in lack of saliva. This condition can be caused by different types of allergies or side effects of medicines.
  • People with periodontitis or gingivitis (gum disease).
  • People who are more prone to cavities than anyone. And people who have had frequent cavities.
  • Anyone who has braces or dental crowns for dental bridges.

However, this additional fluoride treatment is not suitable for everyone.

Dentists refrain to prescribe fluoride medicines for these patients:

  • Children of age group 6 months-16 years, as they are in the age of growing teeth.

Fluoride treatment process

It is one of the easiest dental treatments… The dentist just has to apply the fluoride, foam, or varnish for a few minutes and it is done!

Also, your dentist might ask you to avoid any food or water intake for at least 30 minutes post-treatment.

P.S. Always share your medical history with your dentist to get the best treatment.

What makes my toothpaste different from fluoride treatment at the dentist?

The amount of concentrated fluoride available in your toothpaste is much lesser than the amount of fluoride used in a professional fluoride treatment.

For instance, if the fluoride concentration in your toothpaste is 65%, there is a higher percentage of concentration in the fluoride form that is usually used inside the tray.

Therefore, you can expect quicker and greater benefits of fluoride from an official treatment. Get in touch with our dentists now to get the best fluoride treatment of your life!

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