What are Inlays and Onlays?

Do you have cavities? If yes, do you know they can destroy your oral health? To combat cavities, you’ll need something strong, i.e. inlays and Onlays. Ever heard of that? Well, yes dental fillings and implants are generally performed to get rid of tooth decay. But, inlays and Onlays are also an effective way to prevent cavities from spreading.

But, what are inlays and Onlays? Let’s dive deeper into what they mean and how they work.


When cavities eat your tooth, inlays come to rescue your mouth. They act as an alternative to dental fillings and imitate natural tooth structure. Traditional inlays were made from only one component i.e. gold. Nowadays, ceramics and porcelain inlays have replaced gold inlays in households.

What are the major differences between inlays and dental fillings? 

Dental fillings:

  • Fillings are made from either composite material or amalgam.
  • They are quicker and require only one dental visit.
  • They are not durable, but inexpensive.
  • They are available in different colors.


  • Inlays, on the other hand, are solid tooth-like pieces made from either ceramic, porcelain, or gold.
  • They are manufactured in a lab and would require more than one dental visit.
  • They are durable (last around 25 to 30 YEARS!) and a bit expensive.
  • Inlays are almost invisible.


Dental inlays and onlays have striking similarities, and the only difference between them is being able to cover large spaces. Where inlays are preferable to fill hollow spaces of the teeth, Onlays are used to cover larger spaces of the tooth.

They are widely used to cover tooth decay and preserve the tooth structure. Onlays are also made from composite material and porcelain.

Did you know that onlays serve almost the same purpose as a dental crown does?

What are the major differences between onlays and dental crowns?

Dental crowns:

  • Dental crowns are significantly different from onlays because of being able to cover the top and sides of the tooth.
  • They are either made entirely from porcelain or from ceramics.
  • They are a bit high in price.
  • They protect the tooth from tooth decay and breaking.


  • Onlays are just used to cover the top of the tooth.
  • They can be made from gold or porcelain.
  • They last for around 10 to 15 years.
  • They are less expensive than a dental crown.


How much are inlays and Onlays? 

When you are getting dental treatment in Dallas, prices are usually affordable. For inlays and onlays, a typical one tooth treatment with basic components would cost around $500 to $600. Whereas, a high-end material such as gold or porcelain, would raise the cost to $1,000 to $1,500.

Many insurance providers cover inlays and onlays treatment. You will have to get in touch with your insurance provider to know whether you have it under your belt or not.

Only a professional dentist can advise what’s best for you. All you have to do is to call us and get the best dental care in Dallas. Call now to book an appointment!

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