Five Quick Periodontal Treatments at Home

Sensitive gums hurt more than a breakup does… and the fact that you can treat them at home is awesome. As much as we love these home remedies to cure gum infections, we would also like to add the fact that they are not PERMANENT. So, yes… they are effective for painful experiences during holidays, or when you can not get access to your dentist immediately. But, you can try and give them a shot. Let’s dive in?

Symptoms of Periodontal Infections:

Hey, before we dive in to look for the best remedies, we wanted to share some common symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal infections, just so you can confirm them.

  • Consistent bleeding from teeth and gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breath (like, really bad…)
  • Continuous inflammation throughout the body
  • Trouble chewing food
  • A sense of discomfort in your mouth

If you have any of the above symptoms, especially the first four, you are the candidate for periodontal treatment (not congratulating through…)

Home Remedies:

There is a great possibility that your periodontal infection is a newly born… trying these would definitely help.

Saltwater Rinse

There is no way we could miss this remedy. One of the most common treatments for any type of dental infection. They are instant relievers, and yes they work! One cup of warm water, and a pinch of salt, when rinsed in the morning could make your whole day better. Salt is effective in preventing bacteria from making a home inside your teeth and gums.

Cold Compress

People often overlook this simple home remedy… but in fact, it is a nice way to treat any pain. It is not obligatory to try only a cold compress, you can also try a hot compress.


Lemongrass Mouthwash

Now, that’s something more interesting! This homemade mouth is simple and effective. And a great alternative to commercially manufactured mouthwashes. The recipe is easy:

  • Add two-three drops of lemongrass essential oil in lukewarm water. That’s it!

Rinse this solution two to three times a day for one minute. It will reduce your periodontitis pain levels.

Coconut oil Pulling

Did you see it coming? The coconut should be the king of fruits, given that its benefits are incredible. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it can also freshen your breath (reducing one of the worst symptoms of periodontal infections.)

Squishing one-two tablespoon of coconut oil for 20-30 minutes (you can try for 5 minutes, 4 times a day too) without letting it touch your throat’s back will do the job. Spit the oil out and rinse your mouth with water and then brush your teeth!

Apply some Clove

This home remedy is as traditional as it could get. Treatment with spices! Something people in Asia religiously do. Cloves also have great antioxidants, that will help in pain reduction immensely.

Crush or grind one-two cloves and add a few drops of water in the powder, now apply it either directly to your pain spot. Let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse your mouth properly.

These five home remedies will surely help you find peace at home with minimal effort. If the pain is still unbearable, consult with your dentist in Dallas to get proper periodontal therapy.

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