Procedure of Dental Veneers

What do you do when you start having gaps between your teeth or when your tooth suddenly wears down?

You seek dental help!

In this case, you can get in touch with your dentist in Dallas to fix these problems:

  • Discoloration of tooth
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Worn down tooth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

There is one solution to all these problems… dental veneers!

Dental Veneers Dallas

Dental Veneers Procedure!

The process of veneers requires 2-3 dental visits.

The first visit comprises two parts: the first part revolves around the assessment your dentist performs to determine whether you are the candidate for dental veneers or not. An x-ray might play a role in helping your dentist evaluate your oral health condition. Whereas, the second part is when the dentist prepares veneers for your mouth.

Preparation for Veneers:

After your dentist has determined the perfect type of dental veneer for you. The first step would be to reshape the tooth surface to fix the veneer.

To adhere dental veneers to your tooth surface, the dentist will file your tooth enamel. This process prepares the tooth for the upcoming treatment.

Dental veneers are manufactured in laboratories, customised for every individual according to their choice of material, length of the tooth, and color.

Your dentist will send an impression to the laboratory and in the meanwhile fix temporary veneers to combat uneasiness.

Attaching Dental Veneers:

Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will schedule your appointment to place them on your teeth. In this dental visit, your dentist will clean your teeth and specifically the area that is going to receive the dental veneers.

After this step, your dentist will grind the tooth enamel for application purposes. The rougher the surface, the better dental veneers stick.

Your dentist will additionally use dental cement to bind them to your tooth. And after fixing the veneers properly, your dentist in Dallas uses ultraviolet light to make sure the cement has dried perfectly.

Finally, your smile makeover is completed….

After the final steps, your dentist will remove any excess cement from the surface of your tooth and clean the spot once again.

Now you can flaunt your smile like it is no one’s business!

Dental veneers Aftercare

It is true that dental veneers age with time therefore it is important to take care of your veneers in a proper manner.

These are some commonly recommended steps considered to be grafted care of veneers procedure.

  • Brushing and flossing daily (that’s easy!)
  • Avoiding food with high pigmentation (such as coffee, and toffee)
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes (you would never want to lose that shine, would you?)
  • Never chew ice. (That’s absurd!)
  • Do not use your teeth as scissors. (read: do not tear using teeth)

Our dentist in Dallas advises that these steps are going to make sure that your dental the nearest sign lasts longer. However, it is said that dental veneers only last for 5 to 7 years. So by following these additional steps you are going to maximize its age…

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