When Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

Do you remember people congratulating you on getting permanent teeth? Well, they were not really permanent! There comes a time in life when it becomes necessary to have a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, these are not rare occasions. People get their teeth pulled a number of times in their life. There are various factors that lead to tooth extraction surgery.

So, when do you need tooth extraction surgery?

Not every toothache requires tooth extraction. It is recommended to save the natural tooth unless it becomes contagious. If it does, tooth extraction becomes the only way to save your oral health.

Severe infections

Tooth extraction is a common practice if one suffers from harmful infection. The center of the tooth called pulp contains all vessels and nerves. When tooth decay extends to the center, it destroys your oral health. If the infection becomes severe to an extent where the root canal treatment becomes helpless. Your dentist will recommend an emergency tooth extraction surgery in such cases.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth were useful for our ancestors, but are futile for us. More often than not, people consider getting it pulled out. If it is not growing in a proper condition and causing discomfort and pain, your dentist might also recommend its removal.

Crowded mouth

This is a condition where your teeth are way bigger than normal and are growing improperly. The prompt response in such situations is tooth extraction. Dentists often perform tooth extraction while before braces. This not only increases the efficiency of the braces but also quickens the process.

Periodontal diseases

Infections that affect the bones and tissues of the mouth are called periodontal diseases. It loosens the teeth, and can further damage the roots and pulp of the tooth. In such cases, your periodontist will recommend a tooth/teeth extraction surgery.

Risk of getting infected

Sometimes, health conditions of other body parts can force tooth extraction surgery. For instance, if someone’s getting a transplant or an intense treatment that might increase chances of dental diseases in a certain part, tooth extraction becomes a necessity.

So, if someone you know is facing these dangerous symptoms or conditions, it is important to consult with your dentist asap.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

Tooth extraction surgery is one of the most pocket-friendly dental treatments of all. Typical tooth extraction in Dallas would only cost some $50 to $250. However, an impacted tooth extraction would cost around $1,000 to $4,000, depending solely upon the complexity of the surgery.

It is true that there is no alternative to a natural tooth. But, to preserve other teeth, it is essential to sacrifice one or two teeth. The dentistry field has made advancements in tooth extraction and prosthetic tooth insertion.

So, if you face any of the aforementioned issues, you must connect with your dentist asap. It is an inevitable sign that you need some consultation. Your dentist would advise what’s best for you. Contact your dentist now!

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